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Are you suffering from tired, blemished or aging skin? Rest assured – you are not alone. Now, you can be safely, gently and effectively treated with laser light by the Aerolase LightPod Neo laser.

With Aerolase laser treatments at PRISM MED SPA you can achieve healthier looking skin in as little as one treatment.  Only a gentle beam of laser light touches the skin for the most hygienic and pleasant treatment available.

Light Pod is a new laser technology by Aerolase for the treatment of diffused redness, veins, and a variety of other skin conditions, including rosacea, leg veins, facial vessels, angiomas, psoriasis, warts, skin tags and many more.

Additionally, PRISM Med Spa also offers Aerolase LightPod Neo, which is FDA approved to treat more than 30 skin conditions. LightPod Neo laser treatments are safe and gentle for all skin types, especially making it comfortable for darker skin types. Try the fast and effective permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation, melasma, sun & age spots, in grown hairs and nail fungus for athlete’s foot.

“The LightPod Neo enables physicians to offer their patients a new treatment method for skin rejuvenation.  The high-power in a uniquely short pulse duration achieves superior results without the pain or discomfort of other lasers.” says DR. MARIA LEVADA “We are very happy to offer our patients this unique laser treatment.”

As well as skin rejuvenation, the Aerolase Light Pod Neo is an incredible tool for laser hair removal of any area.

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