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Advanced Metabolic Testing

The most complete picture of human biology lies in the breath.

Prism develops an Advanced Metabolic Testing that allows us to develop Personalized nutrition program and Anti-Aging Program based on clinical metabolic testing. Like having a team of experts at your side, we are able to expand your metabolic knowledge and deliver clinical lab-grade accuracy in measuring metabolic, heart, lung and cellular fitness, which provides you a personalized nutrition and exercise program just for you!

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Analyze your biological age as well as how long and well you are estimated to live. According to the American Heart Association this test provides the most reliable and accurate measure of longevity and mortality risk.

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Trusted by 3,000+ health professionals, leading researchers, 

and world-class athletes.

Independently Validated, Clinical-Grade Accuracy

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Prism equips you with a network of registered dietitians, clinical-grade metabolic testing, and cutting-edge diet planning software to make nutrition the most effective for you. 


Your metabolism isn’t just the calories you burn. It’s all the vital functions your body runs to use oxygen and keep you alive. PNOĒ scans them with clinical precision and finds the ones that pose a risk for your health and performance.


Nutrition Insights: 

Analyze how effectively your cells burn fats and carbohydrates and determine the optimal macronutrient intake for your biology and fitness goal.

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Caloric Intake: 

Analyze how fast or slow your metabolism is and determine the optimal calorie intake based on your biology and fitness goal.

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Analyze the rate with which you burn fats and carbohydrates during training and determine the optimal nutrition before, during, and after exercise.

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Determine the part of your body that’s hindering your health and performance and find the food groups that are most helpful to fix it.

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Determine the meal timing that regulates hunger levels, minimizes sugar spikes and maximizes training benefits.

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Click links below and download for a sample report!

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