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We are a full service Medical Spa that focuses on Aging Well on all levels. Eight years ago we started with the IGS (Integrated Genetic Solutions), a program combining blood chemistry and DNA Analysis, in order to identify and improve a person’s overall state of being, health, energy levels, libido, and ultimately confidence!


By identifying a person’s DNA mutations, we can see exactly what is needed in a person’s body and thereby develop a customized vitamin, hormone, HGH and/or sleep formulation to help rebuild, strengthen, and recreate a healthy, mind, body and spirit. After creating great results and success with the PRISM- IGS program, we’ve decided to take people’s health & beauty journey to the ‘next level’ !! That’s how we created the new ‘PRISM TRANSFORMATIONS RETREATS’ in Athens, Greece!


Hosted near Sounio, on the Greek Riviera, this location is just 5 min from the ArgoSaronic Gulf Beaches, another 5 min from Sounio’s famous Temple of Poseidon, and just 40” from the Center of Athens Acropolis and Parthenon. Each individual has the ability to rediscover themselves, by implementing the full PRISM TRANSFORMATIONS Program, based on the results of our full Aging Well Panel of Tests. Besides IGS DNA and Blood Chemistry Analysis, this also includes a ZytoScan Analysis, Food Sensitivity Test, Hormone Test, NBHRT (Natural BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy) and inflammation Markers Test.


Following the testing results, our Doctors develop an individualized Aging Well Program for each participant that includes a customized, compounded Vitamin & Hormone Formula, the proper diet recommended, an exercise regimen specifically for your goals, and a spiritual recovery program based on the famous “Blue Zones Philosophy”. Blue Zones Philosophy is introduced into our program due to the fact that two of the 9 Blue Zones worldwide are found in Greece.


We examine why people live to over 100 years of age in Greece, and how their lifestyle plays a major role in keeping people healthy, wise and active well into their 90’s and even 100’s! Now offering a special offer for signing up early for a Retreat!

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