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Medical Weight Loss

We have the ultimate weight loss program for today’s person on the go with the most demanding of schedules and a busy life. Whether you’re looking to lose pounds and inches, improve performance and recovery, or combat the aging process and improve overall health.

We have the best long-term health and fitness solutions for you.


PRISM Med Spa's Nutrition Expert will help you follow an effective nutrition program to reach your health and weight goals. 

Prism has chosen the Standard Process 21-Day Detox to jump start your detox and weight loss journey! Standard Process is a 3rd generation, family-owned company that prides itself in growing organically all foods used to make all their protein shakes and whole food-based supplements used for detox, used to fill dietary gaps, by identifying which of the body's systems needs support. 

This program supports whole body detoxification and helps your liver and kidneys to process the removal of toxins from your body, in order for your weight loss journey to be successful. 

SP's 21-Day Detox supports gut health with a healthy diet, probiotics, and prebiotics, as supplements when needed. This also plays an important role in supporting and promoting immune system health.


Signs of a Weak or Strong Immune System Response: 


Inflammation Resolution Challenges

Poor Gut Microbiome

Lack of fruits, vegetables & whole grains

Poor Sleep habits

Sedentary Lifestyle

Poor Stress Management



Vitamin D Levels

Zinc Levels

Appropriate Omega-3 Intake

Adequate Sleep

Regular Exercise

Healthy Stress Management

The immune system is the foundation that is going to support you through those everyday stressors. Complex SP nutritional formulas, along with herbs, should be an investment in the foundation of your health. 

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