I have used 2 new laser treatments :
1. The Aerolase (1 Session) to completely get rid of ALL sun and brown spots on my face and decollate. Also evened out total pigment on face and decollate! My Face / Decollate first turned Bright Red – then sun spots turned brown and In 3 -4 days –  flaked off.The result was a totally new beautiful skin, free of sun damage and sun spots and I looked 10 years younger.

2. The Venus Legacy! A new  laser that tones problem areas: legs ( thighs front & back- knees)

flatten tone stomach & love handles upper arms (under area: that hangs when you move your Arm)
These are problem stubborn areas for me. The Laser feels like a warm like a soothing massage on the areas.
No pain at all.
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