PRISM’s experts are able to literally “turn back the clock” 10 - 20 years, helping you to achieve a natural and youthful look by combining our various rejuvenating treatments.

We at PRISM offer numerous facial services, such as injectables, P.R.P. – Liquid Face Lift, MicroNeedling and Derma Roller as well as our newest Venus Concept technology, the Venus Viva Fractional and our professionally customized facials.

So leave yourself in our hands… you won’t believe the difference!

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PRISM’s experts are able to literally “turn back the clock” 10 - 20 years, helping you to achieve a natural and youthful look by combining our various rejuvenating treatments. 

PRISM offers over 270 services, that covers injectables, P.R.P. – Liquid Face Lift, as well as our newest technologies, such as extreme skin tightening and lifting with Morpheus8, Venus Bliss laser fat melting and our newest addition, Coolsculpting Elite for ultimate fat freezing and body sculpting, to mention just a few.  

We strive to professionally customized all treatments to fit each individual's needs, so that we can achieve the best results! 

So... leave yourself in our hands… you won’t believe the transformation that awaits you!"

Prism Med Spa offers a wide variety of high end facials for every need. We pride ourselves in making the difference by offering, exclusive, professional products for all our treatments.

For this reason, Prism utilizes the most well-known, exclusive med spa cosmeceutical brands. These brands include Alastin Professional skincare, Elda, Juliette Armand's European Skin Boosters and Elements, as well as Prism's own medical grade cosmeceuticals brand, for in spa or at home care. 

Ask your clinical esthetician what's best for your skin issues and watch your skin transform!


Deep Clarifying & Moisturizing Treatment

The perfect deep clarifying and cleansing treatment with exfoliation, deep pore extractions, customized mask and re-hydration. The perfect facial to keep your skin looking clean, glowing and amazing!

Apocalypse (Phytopeeling) Treatment (Non-chemical)

The most amazing non-chemical PHYTOPEELING treatment with natural Seaweed from the lakes of North Europe with ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 20% PHYTOPEELING (Spongilla, Fragilis, Ephydatia), ZINC OXIDE mixed in with an activating fruit acids AHA solution. The results are immediate and one of the only peels that can be combined with Aerolase or Versa IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation to perfect the treatment. 

Deep Exfoliation & Moisturizing Treatment

The treatment recommended to brighten skin’s tone and improve its texture by applying a double exfoliating treatment and finishing off with a customized hydrating mask, serum and eye cream followed by protective sunscreen. 


Extra Hydra Therapy

A deep clinical hydrating treatment that restores moisture reserves of the skin and enhances its hydrolipid film. It is recommended for dry and dehydrated skin types and as a follow up to laser, RF and/or microneedling treatments.  


Hyaluronic Therapy 

Intense revitalizing treatment based on hyaluronic acid. It offers deep and long-lasting skin hydration, promotes the creation of new cells and inhibits the effect of free radicals. 


Hydra Firming Therapy

Institute treatment for the restoration of skin hydration and consistency. It is recommended for firming and simultaneous hydration.  


Lifting Therapy

Alternative lifting institute treatment. It achieves immediate, visible, and long-lasting tissue firming results.  


Red Carpet Treatment

A combination treatment of a Deep Cleansing Facial, including a deep RF tightening, which achieves immediate and visible tissue-firming results.


Dermaplanning Therapy

This s a Powerful deep clarifying facial, which includes Deep Cleansing, and Exfoliating treatment, by reducing all superficial dead skin cells,  It tones the skin and restores brightness and firmness.



Hydra Repair Therapy

A Facial that hydrates deeply, invigorates and revitalizes skin. It covers regeneration needs in case of acne and age marks.  


DNA Repair Therapy

Institute treatment for restoring skin structure. A specialized “synergy” of cell-regenerating ingredients. It is recommended for the treatment of premature ageing, photoageing and acne marks. 



Microdermabrasion Therapy

Recommended for use after skin cleansing, for improving the skin's texture, smoothing and clarifying the skin's surface, as well as for combating seborrheic dermatitis.



Vitamin C Therapy

A 20% Vitamin C, Anti-oxidant treatment that enhances the defense system of the skin. It protects against the action of free radicals, treats biological aging and photoaging and improves skin dyschromias.  



Whitening Lightening Therapy

A Whitening facial treatment with ingredients that are safe for the skin. It is effective in combating skin dyschromias, discolorations, hyperpigmentations and other skin blemishes. 



AHA Therapy

A Facial utilizing a powerful combination of fruit acids (AHA) treatment for intense revitalization, exfoliation, hydration, firming, and regeneration. The combination of AHAs and multi-action active ingredients gives this treatment a broad and highly effective result. 



Acne Therapy with Laser Facial

Efficient, rapid and reliable acne Deep Cleansing treatment. It inhibits the action of acne-causing bacteria by deeply cleansing pores, as well as killing all bacteria with a IPL laser facial.  It exerts potent microbicidal action and contributes to the elimination of inflammations and irritations, as well as to heal the acne scarring. 



TRIHEX Aging Regulator Therapy

A unique Treatment based on a proprietary "TRIXEX" formula by Allastin.  This formula is a biological youth regulation with a cell “self-cleansing” mechanism. It offers the skin instant glow and a youthful appearance, along with increased collagen levels. 



PRP Facial Therapy

Skin nourishing and revitalizing facial treatment utilizing platelet rich plasma and growth factors to create natural collagen remodeling. It treats the oxidative damage of skin cells and promotes the production of new collagen and elastin. 



Caviar Therapy

The ultimate anti-ageing and firming treatment with Salmo Ovum caviar, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Caviar is rich in proteins, vitamins, amino-acids and trace elements. It provides skin with the essential ingredients necessary for the preservation of its cellular integrity.



Caviar Eye Therapy

Anti-aging firming eye treatment with caviar and marine DNA.  It smoothes out wrinkles, firms the skin and treats puffiness and dark circles around the delicate eye area.



Fibroblast Eye Lift Therapy

The most immediate eye lift treatment against wrinkles, skin laxity,  puffiness, dark circles and fine lines around the delicate eye area utilizing a Plasma Pen to tighten, lift and resurface the eye area. A real eye-opener! 



Neck Therapy

The ultimate Neck-Firming treatment, specifically for the delicate neck area. It firms the skin, smoothes out wrinkles and regenerates the skin.



Men’s Facial

Treat your skin to a soothing, deep cleansing & hydrating facial treatment designed especially for a man's thicker skin & beard, that refreshes skin and keeps it soft and smooth.


Revitalizing "Backne" Facial

Beautiful Back Revitalization with a Deep cleansing and steaming followed by a Customized herbal mask and hydration to finish it off. 

(platelet rich plasma)



 Scientists and doctors have now developed a very “futuristic” system of cultured dermal‐fibroblasts using the patient’s own stem cells for cell rejuvenation. This procedure is done right in the doctor’s treatment room in just 30 minutes. It begins by taking a sample of the patient’s blood. The plasma is then enriched with platelet rich and fibrin‐based biological derivatives targeted at all signs of aging.


Newer techniques actually combine PRP with various growth factors, acting as a volumetric filler.  Also referred to as “Autologous STEM CELL Mesotherapy” it is easily accepted as one of the most front running anti‐aging treatments now available for skin rejuvenation. From just one session, a patient will see noticeable results in Glabella lines, naso labial lines, acne, scars, post‐operative scars, full face contouring, dermal defects, and plump cheeks in a matter of just 3 weeks after the initial therapy. Good results are also noted in the forehead lines, malar and cheek area, as well as all other deep lines and wrinkles. A total of 3‐5 therapies may be recommended, depending on the problem and should be repeated annually. Overall, this therapy improves skin tone, texture and color, while enhancing the skin’s regenerative process.

As people get older, two-thirds of men and nearly half of women will lose a significant amount of hair. It’s understandable that hair loss can cause significant emotional distress because so many people consider full, healthy hair to be a sign of youth and vitality. It’s unlikely that knowing that you’re not alone in your hair loss will make it any easier to accept.

While hair follicle transplantation to balding areas was once thought to be the only reliable method of hair restoration, medical technology has advanced to the point where there are now a variety of

non-surgical options.

Many people, including yourself, are using topical preparations, low-level laser treatments, and PRP hair restoration therapy to regrow hair.

PRP is not a treatment. PRP therapy treats hair loss by utilizing active growth factors found in your blood. Knowing the basics of PRP therapy can help you decide if this non-surgical, safe treatment is right for you.

PRP Hair Restoration


Understanding PRP Hair Restoration Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a type of plasma that contains a lot of platelets. For decades, platelet-rich plasma therapy has been used to help injured ligaments, tendons, muscles, and joints heal faster. PRP therapy has been shown to improve function and reduce pain. PRP has been used to fade acne scars, stimulate collagen growth, and rejuvenate aging skin for cosmetic purposes.

Hair growth has also been shown to be aided by PRP therapy. The follicles do not disappear when people lose their hair; they simply become dormant. PRP treatment stimulates stem cells, rejuvenates thinning strands, and promotes regrowth by using active growth factors and cytokines found in your blood.

The PRP Hair Restoration Process

PRP is widely regarded as a safe and effective alternative to surgery for reversing hair loss. To slow shedding, thicken hair strands, and improve hair quality, PRP therapy can be used alone or in combination with other medical hair loss treatments. The procedure is straightforward.

A small amount of blood will be drawn from your arm by your hair restoration specialist. After that, the blood drawn from your arm is spun in a centrifuge machine. The platelets are separated from your blood using a centrifuge. Essential growth proteins are released by the highly concentrated platelets. After your blood has been centrifuged, you should:

1.) Your scalp is prepared with an antiseptic solution

2.) An anesthetic may be applied, but is not always necessary

3.) Platelets and growth proteins are injected into your scalp using a thin needle

4.) You can expect 15-20 injections per treatment session

While a PRP treatment can take up to an hour, the majority of that time is spent in preparation. Depending on the treatment area, injections can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. Your hair restoration specialist will most likely advise you to repeat this procedure once a month for at least three months.

PRP Hair Restoration Could be Your Hair Loss Solution

Hair loss and baldness can be caused by a variety of medical conditions, medications, and infections, but hair loss is most often genetic. Men are more likely than women to lose hair in a specific pattern (male pattern baldness), whereas women are more likely to lose hair evenly across their scalp.

It’s likely reassuring to know that your hair loss isn’t permanent if your strands are thinning, your hairline is receding, or your reflection reveals more scalp than you’d like. PRP hair restoration can thicken individual hair strands while also reversing hair loss. In as little as three months, you could have measurable results.

Contact PRISM for a free consultation to see if PRP hair restoration is the best option for you. We provide a wide range of quick, painless, and evidence-based minimally and non-invasive medical and aesthetic treatment options. You can reclaim your hair, regain your confidence, and live your best life!




IF you are interested in seeing REAL RESULTS.... check this out! Morpheus8 is a revolutionary

non-surgical tissue remodeling treatment that creates a remarkable improvement in skin quality, tone, texture, and tightness. The secret behind Morpheus8 lies in how deeply its needles penetrate into the skin, delivering fractional radiofrequency energy to promote skin renewal. It is called a “subdermal adipose remodeling device” or SARD – a groundbreaking advance in the field of aesthetics. 


This treatment combines two powerful technologies in one device: Microneedling and fractional radiofrequency energy.

This system consistently delivers stunning results for people who want to tighten skin, smooth wrinkles and restore a more youthful look to sagging, aging skin – no surgery required.

Morpheus8 uses tiny needles to penetrate the skin, creating micro injuries that trigger natural regeneration, increasing production of collagen and elastin. It differs from other microneedling and radiofrequency treatments because it is able to deliver energy into the subdermal layer to recontour and remodel the underlying tissue. 


A treatment with Morpheus8 will slim, sculpt, and remodel your tissue for a dramatic improvement in tone, texture, and tightness. This treatment reduces the visibility of scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Imagine a procedure that can achieve results that were once only possible with surgery. The results of treatment improve, day by day, as your body produces greater quantities of skin-firming and volumizing collagen. The RF technology will not damage the surrounding tissues for faster healing


(before & after 3 sessions)



(before & after 6 sessions)



Join the skin-resurfacing revolution started by Venus Viva™


We are excited to offer this new RF Microneedling technology. 

We are excited to offer this brand new NanoFractional Microneedling technology to beautifully resurface your appearance without having to puncture the skin.

What are the benefits?

NanoFractional Microneedling works to remold skin from the inside out, actively repairing signs of damage that are visible on the surface, such as scars from acne or injury, keloid scars, deep wrinkles, enlarged pores, uneven skin texture, and pigmentation.