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What if we could use our own DNA Blood Analysis to measure each individual’s unique body chemistry? Now, we can.

PRISM Med Spa announces its cooperation with Integrated Genetic Solutions for the North Shore. Integrated Genetic Solutions (IGS) is a California software company that developed an exciting new ‘algorithm’, capable of mathematically analyzing your DNA and blood work, to come up with a personalized program designed to treat all your imbalances and achieve perfect health and well-being. Our doctors now have the power to medically treat imbalances and based on these results, prescribe tailored Natural Bio-Identical Hormone replacement dosages, as well as other pharmaceuticals, NSF GMP-certified supplements, vitamins, electrolytes and nutraceuticals. This is literally takes all the guess work out of achieving perfect health, inside and out!

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But why is having balanced hormones so important anyway? According to one of New York’s leading authorities Dr. Maria Levada, Gynecologist and F.A.C.O.G., who is on IGS’s Medical Advisory Board for Natural Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (NBIHRT), “hormones are natural substances made by our organs and function as ‘messengers’ between cells. The balance of hormones directly affects how our bodies function. Hormone imbalance leads to fatigue, sleep disturbances, sexual dysfunction, depression, impaired immune function, chronic illnesses, debility and premature aging. A good hormone balance translates into energy, weight control, sexual vigor, youthful appearance, and an overall sense of well-being.”

Most common reaction after starting the IGS program: 

"After doing IGS, we feel like ourselves again. It's been many years since we've felt good; we almost forgot what it felt like. Finding the optimal balance of hormones, vitamins, nutrition and exercise has really made the difference in our energy levels, weight, body composition, libido and mental clarity, focus has

improved greatly, as well as sleep which was the most difficult. We are looking forward to many more years of keeping up with our grandkids!      


- Joan and Charlie (Hawaii)

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