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Spider Veins and Broken Capillaries on Face Treatments

IPL for Broken Capillaries on Face & Nose

Excessive redness of the complexion is no one's favorite, whether it results from sun damage, spider veins, facial capillaries or rosacea.  Fortunately, facial redness can be treated! 

IPL and laser treatments both help fade broken capillaries, redness and shrink nose veins to restore a more even skin tone. At PRISM, our preferred treatments are AEROLASE ND:Yag laser and VENUS VERSA IPL for all vascular lesions on the face. IPL and laser for all vascular damage including broken capillaries around the nose (nose veins) and IPL for rosacea. So what is broken capillaries and why do they appear on the face? Where else do they occur and what are the preferred treatment options for facial capillaries?


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What Are Facial Capillaries and Spider Veins?

Capillaries that become visible at the skin’s surface are referred to as ‘broken capillaries.’ And likewise, fine veins appearing on the surface are referred to as "spider veins". They commonly occur on the face, appearing on the side of the nose, cheek, or chin. However, spider veins and broken capillaries also appear on the neck and chest, and these areas can also be treated.

Spider veins and broken capillaries are merely superficial veins and capillaries that become visible because of collagen and elastin weakness in the dermis and capillary walls. Sun exposure is the primary cause of this damage. So, our high UV levels put us at an increased risk of developing spider veins and facial capillaries, as well as redness. In men, superficial capillaries and redness tend to be restricted to facial areas on the cheeks, chin and around the nose. However, in women, they commonly extend to the neck and chest. Superficial capillaries are typically accompanied by other signs of sun damage, such as surface pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and other changes to skin texture.

What Predisposes You To Spider Veins and Broken Capillaries on Face?

  • A light skin complexion that is more susceptible to UV exposure.

  • Exposure to the sun without SPF protection.

  • Hormonal fluctuations that occur during pregnancy or while on the pill

  • Rosacea, as well as causing diffuse redness and flushing, can progress to dilated facial capillaries.

  • Skin trauma

Vascular Damage Treatment Options

The options for facial spider veins and capillaries treatment include IPL, laser, diathermy and injections. IPL is used to treat capillaries on the neck and decolletage, as well as facial capillaries. It can be used in other body areas, but it is recommended for treating the legs spider veins. IPL is an effective treatment for diffuse redness and isolated capillaries up to 2 mm in diameter on the face. However, once the facial capillaries are larger than 2mm in diameter,  better treatment options include lasers, diathermy, or injections. So why do we prefer IPL for broken capillaries treatment of the face?

Laser and IPL for Broken Capillaries on Face

We at PRISM offer BOTH VENUS VERSA IPL, as well as AEROLASE laser and choose the best solution for any vascular damage on the face and body.  IPL can treat all signs of sun damage in a single treatment. Lasers use a single wavelength of light that only attracts the red/blue color in blood vessels. In comparison, IPL uses a broad spectrum of visible light. IPL targets the red/blue of blood vessels and the brown of pigment and water in the skin to address skin texture change. As a result, IPL is well suited to treating various sun damage issues. Thus, IPL will settle diffuse redness, facial capillaries and pigmentation as well as improve skin quality.  

Laser treatments are more precise, and they’re better for larger isolated spider veins and capillaries, such as broken capillaries around the nose. We use IPL and lasers can be used in combination for facial and body vascular damage. 

Laser and IPL For Broken Capillaries around Nose

Capillaries around the nose area (also called spider veins and nose veins) often coincide with chin vessels. As a result, the nose veins appear as faint lines that streak onto the cheek, whereas veins on the nose tend to be more like a web or star, giving the nose a diffuse red appearance. IPL broken capillary treatment can be helpful to treat all of these unwanted vessels up to 2mm. In contrast, lasers are frequently used to treat vessels over 2mm and spider leg veins.

Treating Redness from Rosacea.

Rosacea treatment deserves a particular section as it can present as either diffuse redness or facial capillaries. In addition, Rosacea also requires treatment to settle the inflammation which underlies this condition. At Pearl, Our Naturopath specialises in treating rosacea alongside our therapists and Doctors with gut-healing protocols and the rosacea diet. In addition, a naturopathy consultation is recommended to manage the inflammation and slow the progression of rosacea.

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that starts with a tendency to facial flushing. Over time with repeated flushing, the facial capillaries can become permanently dilated. As a result, the face gradually has permanent diffuse facial redness with superficial capillaries. Avoiding rosacea triggers, adopting an anti-inflammatory Mediterranean diet, and gut healing used early can help prevent the progression of rosacea. However, once you have the fixed appearance of facial capillaries or permanently rosy cheeks, IPL becomes effective to restore a more even colour to your face. With the Sciton BBL, up to 4 treatments are required to return a creamy complexion.

Skincare for Facial Redness

Though no skincare will treat facial capillaries, there are skincare ingredients that settle the inflamed appearance and improve the integrity of your skin.   We recommend the Proparia range. (Proparia is an Australian made and formulated Skin Care designed for problem skin). It contains Vitamin B (niacinamide), a potent anti-inflammatory that helps repair your skin and settle redness. A lot can be done to keep your skin calm and content. Niacinamide is a hero ingredient to keep your skin calm and content!

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