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(platelet rich plasma)


Benefits: Facial Rejuvenation and Hair Restoration


Face - Collagen production through stem cell stimulation. 


Hair - Follicle stimulation for new hair growth and existing follicle rejuvenation. 


Areas Treated: Face, Neck, Decollette and Hair line, hair crown. 


Number of Treatments Recommended: 

3-6 treatments for Face & Hair

Downtime: Day of redness for face PRP, but overall very little downtime. No downtime for Hair PRP. 

Duration of Results: After the 3-6 sessions are completed, a customized evaluation will take place to suggest the proper maintenance plan for your specific needs. 


 Scientists and doctors have now developed a very “futuristic” system of cultured dermal‐fibroblasts using the patient’s own stem cells for cell rejuvenation. This procedure is done right in the doctor’s treatment room in just 30 minutes. It begins by taking a sample of the patient’s blood. The plasma is then enriched with platelet rich and fibrin‐based biological derivatives targeted at all signs of aging.

Newer techniques actually combine PRP with various growth factors, acting as a volumetric filler.  Also referred to as “Autologous STEM CELL Mesotherapy” it is easily accepted as one of the most front running anti‐aging treatments now available for skin rejuvenation. From just one session, a patient will see noticeable results in Glabella lines, naso labial lines, acne, scars, post‐operative scars, full face contouring, dermal defects, and plump cheeks in a matter of just 3 weeks after the initial therapy. Good results are also noted in the forehead lines, malar and cheek area, as well as all other deep lines and wrinkles. A total of 3‐5 therapies may be recommended, depending on the problem and should be repeated annually. Overall, this therapy improves skin tone, texture and color, while enhancing the skin’s regenerative process.


As people get older, two-thirds of men and nearly half of women will lose a significant amount of hair. It’s understandable that hair loss can cause significant emotional distress because so many people consider full, healthy hair to be a sign of youth and vitality. It’s unlikely that knowing that you’re not alone in your hair loss will make it any easier to accept.

While hair follicle transplantation to balding areas was once thought to be the only reliable method of hair restoration, medical technology has advanced to the point where there are now a variety of

non-surgical options.

Many people, including yourself, are using topical preparations, low-level laser treatments, and PRP hair restoration therapy to regrow hair.

PRP is not a treatment. PRP therapy treats hair loss by utilizing active growth factors found in your blood. Knowing the basics of PRP therapy can help you decide if this non-surgical, safe treatment is right for you.

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